Refill Policy

Requesting A Refill

If you believe you’ve experienced a drop and are eligible for a refill, politely contact us and we’ll get your refill queued up ASAP.

SociFollowers understands that your social profiles are very important and we do what we can to make sure your orders do not drop. We tend to over-deliver some of our services to cover for this, but every now and then, drops do happen and they can be impossible to prevent.

If/when a drop occurs, we will will refill all orders placed in the past 30 days ASAP unless specified otherwise in some services description.

There’s a few more things you should know about refills:

  1. Refills are calculated on the number of signals purchased from us in the past 30 days.
  2. There’s no way to differentiate between signals purchased from us, signals acquired organically or signals purchased from other sites. So if you experienced a drop, but you still have more signals than what you started with + what you purchased, there’s nothing to refill.
  3. If you drop below the amount you purchased from us, we can’t grant a refill because it’s clearly not our signals which are dropping.
  4. If you’ve changed your username or link since ordering with us, we can’t deliver a refill.
  5. If you’ve filed a chargeback with your credit card company or opened a dispute with PayPal, we can’t deliver a refill.